Disney Cast Member’s Passion Shines with Donald Duck 90 Displays

By: Greg Gately

Disney Cast Member’s Passion Shines with Donald Duck 90 Displays

Disney Cast Member’s Passion Shines with Donald Duck 90 Displays.

It’s early morning at World of Disney at Disney Springs, and Jeffrey Workman is wrapping up his day. 

As a Merchandise Presentation Specialist for Disney Consumer Products, Jeffrey’s role is not typically seen by guests but is crucial in creating the enchanting shopping experiences they enjoy each day. Using his keen eye for style, he meticulously arranges new products and dresses mannequins in merchandise locations across the resort. Before the first guests of the day arrive to peruse the perfectly manicured displays, Jeffrey has already put in the hours to bring this retail location to life. 

One recent collection has really caught Jeffrey’s eye  —  while he has had a hand in presenting many collections throughout his Disney career, it’s the latest Donald Duck 90 collection that holds a special place in his heart. 

From a new Munchlings design to shirts, pins and ears, the recently-released collection includes artwork showcasing Donald’s different looks through the years and his larger-than-life personality.  

Jeffrey in an old photo, smiling in front of Cinderella Castle as a child and wearing a Donald hat
Disney Cast Member’s Passion Shines with Donald Duck 90 Displays

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That iconic personality is exactly what caught Jeffrey’s attention during his first childhood trip to Walt Disney World in 1996 when he was just two years old. The vibrant, feisty duck captured his imagination and left a lasting impression. “I remember meeting Donald and being mesmerized,” Jeffrey recalled with a nostalgic smile. “I loved that he was unapologetically himself.”  

Disney Cast Member’s Passion Shines with Donald Duck 90 Displays

As he grew older, Jeffrey learned to appreciate Donald’s nautical style and humor, and the duck’s determination to be number one — even if only in his own mind. “Donald makes me laugh, and I see a bit of myself in him,” Jeffrey explained. 

But it’s not just Donald’s personality that Jeffrey relates to. “I’m doing something that I’ve watched Donald do on VHS since I was a kid,” he shared. “I used to watch the Disneyland sing-along videos and distinctly remember Donald setting up plush toys on Main Street, U.S.A. Now, I get to set up merchandise at Walt Disney World. It’s full circle…a real dream come true.” 

Working within the Retail Design and Development division of Disney Consumer Products has given Jeffrey entirely new channels to express his creativity and love for Donald Duck. “I get to have fun with the Disney magic I know and love to inspire thousands of guests a day,” he explained. 

For Jeffrey, styling mannequins is more than just a job; it’s a form of self-expression. “I love to express myself through style, and styling mannequins is kind of my specialty,” he said.  

His passion for fashion and attention to detail allow him to infuse a bit of magic into every display. “It’s the details and behind-the-scenes work that create magic. How can I inspire someone to see things differently? How can I set magical details here and there — an extra Mickey or even a touch of Donald?” Jeffrey smiled, recalling the joy of discovering similar details as a young Disney fan. 

These thoughtful touches reflect Jeffrey’s dedication to creating memorable experiences for every guest, but he isn’t done yet! Guests can look forward to even more enchanting displays from Jeffrey and his team soon.  

And if you’re a Donald Duck fan, be sure to stop by the recently reimagined Disney Ever After at Disney Springs as additional Donald Duck 90 merchandise was recently released. It’s a perfect opportunity to celebrate Jeffrey’s favorite character and experience the magic he creates firsthand. 

Disney Cast Member’s Passion Shines with Donald Duck 90 Displays

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