Disney X Make-A-Wish In a Galaxy Down Under

By: Greg Gately

Disney X Make-A-Wish In a Galaxy Down Under. Disney and Make-A-Wish have done so much good for kids and families stateside for many years, we have even shared stories from Hong Kong, and Disneyland Paris, but this time we get to go to Australia with Star Wars, Disney, and Make-A-Wish.

Alex, a 16-year-old from Australia and a lifelong Star Wars fan, wished to become one with the Force by creating his very own, custom lightsaber. Just in time for May 4th, Disney Consumer Products and Make-A-Wish Australia teamed up to make this special wish come true! 

Disney X Make-A-Wish In a Galaxy Down Under

Playing with lightsabers with his family is one of Alex’s first Star Wars memories. Alex and his brother would hide with their treasured lightsabers, while their mom would roam around, trying to catch them.  

“My favorite thing about Star Wars is that it definitely helped me grow as a person because I found common interests with a lot of friends through Star Wars,” Alex shared. 

This connection continued as Alex became a teenager. Inspired by the clips of Savi’s Workshop he’d seen online, Alex hoped to build his own lightsaber long before he knew his wish would be granted. He was unable to visit the workshop, so knowing how much this meant to Alex, we brought the excitement of the Star Wars galaxy directly to him to make this wish come true.

Alex’s Jedi Training Begins 

In anticipation of this extraordinary adventure, Alex, joined by his family and closest friend, honed their skills through an immersive lightsaber training before the big reveal: that on Star Wars Day, his wish would come true. Alex was in for a once-in-a-lifetime surprise as the Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium in Queensland, Australia would be transformed into Savi’s Workshop, just for him! 

“For Alex, there really wasn’t much of a decision for his wish as this was something that he has always wanted to do. This gives him that very special thing, just for him that he’s opting to share with everybody,” reflected Alex’s mom, Kami. 

Before Alex could craft his very own lightsaber, the group began where all Padawans do, with skilled Jedi Masters training them in the fundamental skills of wielding a lightsaber.  

Disney X Make-A-Wish In a Galaxy Down Under
Disney X Make-A-Wish In a Galaxy Down Under

The Padawans dressed in Jedi robes to practice their skills, open their minds to the way of the Force, and take the next step towards becoming Jedi Masters. After the training, Alex and his group were granted the rank of Jedi Knight, commemorated with official certificates. 

Then, it was up to Alex to decide if he would use his newfound skills to follow the path of the Jedi or choose the power of the Dark Side. 

Bringing Savi’s Workshop to Australia 

On May the 4th, Alex and his family were transported from the planetarium to the Black Spire Outpost, where a group known as the “Gatherers” run a covert workshop packed with unusual parts, whimsical pieces and miscellaneous memorabilia. 

Disney X Make-A-Wish In a Galaxy Down Under
Disney X Make-A-Wish In a Galaxy Down Under

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Here, under Kembe’s guidance, he constructed his own, custom lightsaber powered by Kyber crystals from the far reaches of the galaxy. Alex opted for a hilt themed around power and control – originally forged by dark side warriors, featuring rumored remnants from the Sith homeworld and abandoned temples – with a violet crystal at its heart. 

After assembling his hilt and adding his cloisonné pin, Alex raised his completed masterpiece, casting out a beam of purple light. His family followed suit, raising their lightsabers as well. 

“My favorite thing about my new lightsaber is how good it looks – the colors and how the black and gray and purples all work together. It’s my favorite color lightsaber, Mace Windu had one,” Alex shared, recalling the joy of turning on his lightsaber for the first time and seeing its glow. 

Just when they thought their journey was complete, some surprise visitors from the Empire made their approach – Darth Vader and his Stormtroopers! 

Disney X Make-A-Wish In a Galaxy Down Under
Disney X Make-A-Wish In a Galaxy Down Under

Through this wish, Alex was reminded that he’s as unique and extraordinary as the lightsaber he created, ready for anything the galaxy puts in his path! 

Sharing this joy with Alex’s family and friends only added to his intergalactic mission. 

“To actually be here and see it was mind blowing in so many ways. To have this thing that was like a solid memory for him that he’s going to remember forever, it was just so heartwarming and sweet,” shared Kami. 

Creating Joy for Children When They Need It Most 

Disney and Make-A-Wish have been creating magical wishes together since 1980, bringing comfort, optimism and joy to our communities and inspiring hope, especially for children. Together we’ve granted more than 155,000 wishes globally with Make-A-Wish.  

“We’re immensely proud of our longstanding relationship with Make-A-Wish, bringing heartfelt wishes to life together. Seeing the joy this wish brought to Alex and his family was incredibly special and speaks to powerful ways Disney characters and storytelling connect with us all,” said The Walt Disney Company Australia and New Zealand Senior Vice President and Managing Director, Kylie Watson-Wheeler.

Disney continues to find innovative ways to grant life-changing wishes and make magical moments possible for children fighting critical illnesses, like Alex’s lightsaber experience. 

“The collaboration between Make-A-Wish and Disney has allowed us to create so many unforgettable wishes. Our Disney wishes will continue to be an incredibly special part of our wish program and we are so grateful to Disney for their unwavering support to bring hope and joy to wish children and their families at a time when they need it most,” said Make-A-Wish Australia CEO Sally Bateman. 

The truly transformative power of a Disney wish renews hope, uplifts spirits, and unites families, friends, and communities in life-changing experiences.  

To learn more, visit joy.disney.com

Disney X Make-A-Wish In a Galaxy Down Under

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